FAQ Gouttes Bleues

What is the product indicated for ?

The product is an ophthalmic solution used to alleviate symptoms of visual tiredness (= eye strain = asthenopedia) and attenuate eyes’ redness.

Eye strain is generally caused by sub-optimal working conditions. If you focus your eye muscles on a relatively fixed object such as a computer screen or book then your eye muscles will tighten. If these muscles are tightened for too long they will become sore and irritable.


Can the product be used in combination with other lubricants/ eye care products ?

Gouttes Bleues can be used together with other Opticalm products but should not be used in combination with any other eye care products or after having eye surgery without medical advice. 

What is the function of the methylene blue ?

Methylene blue is an ophthalmic colorant, commonly used in diagnosis of eye conditions. This substance has no effect on treating visual tiredness but allows contact lens wearers to verify when the product has been excreted by tears. When the product has been excreted, contact lenses can be reinserted.This substance also provides a glowing look (radiance) to the eyes. 

Can the product be used by contact lens wearers ?

The product can be used by contact lens wearers but not while wearing contact lenses as these would be affected by the methylene blue. Contact lens wearers should wait 15 minutes after application of the product for reinsertation of the lenses (The blue color in your eye should be gone).

Is there a limitation in the number of uses per day ?

A limit for the number of uses per day is not determined but the product should not be used daily beyond a one-month period without professional ophthalmological supervision. If the signs of eye strain persist, a doctor should be consulted. 

Is the product safe for use in children ?

The product should not be used by children under the age of 15 years.

How long can I use one bottle of Gouttes Bleues after I’ve opened the bottle?

Gouttes Bleues can be used up to 28 days after opening

Does this product leaves stains on clothes or sink?

Yes, it is recommended to protect your clothes while using Gouttes Bleues as it can make stains on your clothes. When the product is spilled on the sink, it should be washed away immediately to avoid staining.

Why is this product only being sold in pharmacy?

Your eyes are the windows to the world. Therefore it is important to take care of them every day. Because our eyes are vulnerable, they have to be treated carefully with support of medical advice. That is why the Opticalm products are only being sold in pharmacies. All Opticalm products are medical devices.