FAQ Soothing Eye Drops PLUS

Is there a limitation to the number of uses per day ?

There is no limitation, the product is absolutely safe, preservative-free and can be used as frequently as needed.

Is there a limitation to a period of uninterrupted use ?

There is no limitation as SED Plus does not contain any harmful ingredients and is preservative-free. Daily use for chronic dry eye sufferers is not a problem but medical care should always be sought in case of a chronic condition as this might have a serious underlying cause.

Who is the product indicated for?

For people who suffer from moderate to severe dry, itchy, irritated & tired eyes and require a long-lasting hydrating solution.

How long can you use SED Plus after the first opening

The SED Plus Multidose (10ml bottle) can be used up to 3 months after first opening. SED Plus Monodose (vials) can be used up to 12 hours after first opening.

Can SED Plus be used while wearing contact lenses ?

The product is absolutely safe for use during contact lens wear:

  • Contact lens compatibility of SED Plus is tested and approved
  • None of the ingredients is harmful for either soft or hard contact lenses.
  • SED Plus is preservative free so there is no risk for accumulation of preservatives in the contact lens care product.
Can I use the product in combination with other eye care products or eye medication?

When combining SED Plus with other eye care products and particularly eye medication, advice from a medical doctor should be obtained. In general, when other eye care products are used, there should be a time interval of 10-15 minutes between application of both products so the SED Plus does not wash out the previously applied product.

Can SED Plus be used after eye surgery?

SED Plus is suitable for sensitive eyes and could even be beneficial for wound healing after surgery. The product does not contain a preservative which could damage or destroy the ocular cells. Hyaluronic Acid and Hypromellose (active ingredients in our product) are even used in ocular surgery to prevent mechanical damage to delicate eye structures and to form a protective coating over the cornea. However, depending on the type of surgery performed, it is always advisable to request advice from an ophthalmologist.

Is SED Plus safe for being used for children?

Generally there is no age limitation but it not recommend for children under 3 years old. When children suffer from an eye condition, it is recommended to seek medical advice in any case as it is difficult for parents to diagnose dry eye in children.

Why is the product only being sold in pharmacy?

Your eyes are the windows to the world. Therefore it is important to take care of them every day. Because our eyes are vulnerable, they have to be treated carefully with support of medical advice. That is why the Opticalm products are only being sold in pharmacies.